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MedPen (Hemozal)

Supplies manufactured by CureLife
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MedPen (Hemozal)
TypeUtility item
ManufacturerCureLife (CRLF)
Base price50 aUEC
Mass0.25 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 2.6

The MedPen is a disposable medical consumable manufactured by CureLife. It is a Hemozal healing solution that is injected directly into a character's arm, which is able to nullify pain, stop bleeding, restore vital systems and calm body systems to states where the person can function again. It cannot rebuild tissue, but can provide enough white blood cell replacements to heal up small wounds at an extremely fast pace.[1][2]

LifeCure Medsticks appear to be a rip-off version of this product, and are prohibited goods in all UEE Jurisdictions.[2]

In-game description

The MedPen from CureLife is a complete multi-function individual first-aid system designed and constructed for the rigors of field use. With CureLife’s proprietary serum, a single MedPen will promote healing in non-serious wounds to get you back on your feet.


The MedPen was originally known as the MediPen, it was introduced in Alpha 2.6 along with Star Marine.[3]

When Alpha 3.15 was released, it was renamed from MedPen to MedPen (Hemozal). The renaming came with the introduction of the first healing mechanics, which introduced a few other healing solutions that could be used. Therefore, the compound name was added to each of the different healing pens available.



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