MedPen (Hemozal)

Supplies manufactured by CureLife
Medpen - SCT BG.png
MedPen (Hemozal)
ManufacturerCureLife (CRLF)
TypeUtility item
Base price50 aUEC
Mass0.25 kg
Production stateIntroduced in Alpha 2.6.0

The MedPen is a disposable drug pen manufactured by CureLife. Injecting it restores health and stops bleeding, lets an individual exit an incapacitated state, and increases the Blood Drug Level of the person receiving the drug.

LifeCure Medsticks appear to be a rip-off version of this product, and are prohibited goods in all UEE Jurisdictions.[1]


The MedPen was originally known as the MediPen, it was introduced in Alpha 2.6.0 along with Star Marine.[2]

When Alpha 3.15.0 was released, it was renamed from MedPen to MedPen (Hemozal). The renaming came with the introduction of the first healing mechanics, which introduced a few other healing solutions that could be used. Therefore, the compound name was added to each of the different healing pens available.


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