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Automatic Intensive Care Unit

The AutoDoc is an autonomous and automatic Intensive Care Unit designed and manufactured by BiotiCorp that can be equipped in a series of ships and installations, like the Cutlass Red or a Hospital. It's capable of a more advanced treatments than portable devices such as the First Aid Solution or the ParaMed Medical Device, allowing to heal major trauma and perform minor surgeries and to stabilize patients that require a fully staffed Medical Facility.

The AutoDoc series found itself briefly in the spotlight after the recent attempted assassination of the Governors Council in New Castle. With most of the major Borea hospitals inaccessible in the aftermath of the attack, the injured members were rushed to a Cutlass Red that they were fortunate enough to find parked on a nearby landing pad. Equipped with BioticCorp's AutoDocs, the council members were stabilized on board as they were rushed to emergency care facilities. In a later speech, Governor Jesper Donovin specifically credited the Autodoc with saving his life and tried, unsuccessfully, to pass a bill that would require one to be installed in every government-operated building.

Ships currently equipped with an AutoDoc



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