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NewsOrg, a slang abbreviation for News Organization that has been common usage for a long time, refer to any organization that is a major source of news. There are currently three known major NewsOrgs:[1]

New United

New United has been a venerable news organization for centuries. Originally called the United Times, it was one of the last vestiges of the newspaper conglomerates of the 20th century. During the Messer Era, the paper (now called the United Times/Tribune after a merger with the Sentinel Tribune in 2438[2]) became the unofficial propaganda outlet for the fascist UEE government. In 2792 when the Messer Era finally came to an end, the NewsOrg relaunched itself as the New United in an attempt to distance itself from the sins of the past and pledged to remain unbiased and never buckle to political pressure again.

Terra Gazette

Terra Gazette is a Terra-based NewsOrg. It tried to maintain its independence during the Messer Era, but was ultimately infiltrated and dissenting reporters were ostracized as the NewsOrg was incorporated into the propaganda machine.

Now the Terra Gazette is primarily viewed as an opinionated, almost patronizing, news source.


Primarily vid-based NewsOrg. Operates subsidiary channels in almost every system. Full of pundit-driven debate shows like Showdown! as well as straight newscasts.


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