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CommitmentHardcore (weekly minimum)
FocusRoleplaying, Freelancing, Exploration & Privateering
TimezoneEST (friendly to other timezones)
HeadquartersArea 18, ArcCorp - Stanton
LeadersDemias & Cassiele
WebsiteRSI Site[1]
Discord Server

The Rasalas is the name given to an Anvil Carrack with a plethora of dedicated roles; be it an engineer, security, medic, etc. If you’ve ever watched Firefly or Expanse, they are modelled after them; a mid-sized group that bonds as friends and lives aboard the Carrack with similar divisions to those found in Star Trek.

Under the leadership of Captain Demias, the goal of the crew is to explore all the systems available, documenting places of interest, mapping, scouting, cave diving, etc. while making aUEC to eventually sustain a small but practical fleet.


Much of the crew aboard the Rasalas met in 2945 during the tragic Attack on Vega II. The now Captain Demias who was at the time of the event still a commander, banded together with a pilot, Trevor Corey, a medic, Mitch Massell, and an old friend he trained with on MacArthur, Cassiele Vaughn to rescue as many trapped civilians from the city of New Corvo as they could. One of the rescued civilians was an injured teenage native, Tobis Karliyel who stayed with them after the tragedy.

The group eventually arrived in the Stanton system in 2947, making Area 18 their home. It was during one of their missions to ArcCorp's moon, Lyria that they happened upon the abandoned and severely damaged wreck of an Anvil Carrack which they discovered was once registered within the United Empire of Earth (UEE) under the name of Dawn's Hope where it was flown under UEE Marine, Captain Artemis from 2897 to 2925.

Calling in others from the Battle of Vega II, Captain Demias and his newly formed crew refitted the Dawn's Hope with state of the art technology, renaming the vessel - Rasalas.

The name 'Rasalas' was chosen as homage to the northern star in the head of the Leo constellation. The star represents strength, bravery, courage, knowledge and safe travel across a variety of ancient cultures on Earth and was chosen as a fitting tribute to the extreme challenges and setbacks the crew of the ship had undergone to get the ship fighting fit again.

Following the completion of the re-commission in 2949, the Rasalas took its' maiden voyage and first posting in the Stanton system which at the time was rife with system-wide criminal operations that contributed to a hot bed of problems for the UEE, including the increasing threat from Nine tails and XenoThreat blockades and attacks around Stanton, leaving the UEE with a weak grip on authority in the system. Consequently, the Civilian Defence Force's (CDF) plea for vessels to patrol the area and aid authorities was seen as the perfect opportunity to establish the Rasalas as a formidable ship, capable of protecting those in need.

The Rasalas continues to patrol the Stanton system to the present day.


The divisions that exist within the ship are:

  • Command - Covers roles that form the hierarchy of power governing the crew.
    • Captain - Leader of the crew and ship.
    • First Officer (XO) - Manages day-to-day operations among the crew and is responsible for approving new crewmen.
    • Lieutenant (Lt.) - Departmental leads among the ship, existing across all departments within the crew.
  • Tactical - Covers roles that involve security, away team, ground combat, dogfighting etc.
    • Quartermaster - Responsible for the armory and ammunition aboard the ship.
  • Engineering - Covers roles that involve ship systems, repairs, power distribution etc.
  • Science - Covers roles that involve analysis, research, data, astrometrics etc.
  • Medical - Covers roles that involve first aid care of the crew, treating wounds, combat responders etc.
  • Passenger/Affiliate - Covers citizens who are not part of the crew but are with them for the ride and the fun.


  1. Members of Rasalas are expected to follow the Rasalas Conduct Regulations (RCR 2951) at all times.
  2. Members will be held accountable for their mistakes and will acknowledge and accept the necessary reparations.
  3. Members are expected to engage in organization deliberations. Everyone has a say.
  4. Members will be law-abiding, or do their best to remain within the confines of the established area laws.
  5. Members are expected to respect the internal chain of command at all times, and remember that we are a family.

List of Crew Members

Name Rank Role
Demias Cpt. Captain
Cassiele XO First Officer
TrevorCorey Lt. Helmsman
Dark_Capital Sgt. Away Team Lead
SnideFiction Crewman Medical Officer
Karliyel Crewman Medical Officer
Viint Crewman Quartermaster
Krigsfar Crewman Security Officer
Qntum_Canuck Crewman Security Officer
Devil Crewman Science Officer
Rimfire Crewman Engineer
Xainok Crewman Engineer


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