The Coil

Asteroid Cluster in the Odin system
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The Coil : Odin I
TypeAsteroid Formation
ClassificationAsteroid Cluster
AffiliationUnited Empire of Earth
LocationUEE space
Odin system
└─ Orbiting Odin (star)

The Odin I Cluster, commonly called The Coil, is an asteroid cluster filled with unending cloud of planetary fragments, electromagnetic energy surges and minerals. The Galactapedia describes it as an "electric phenomenon."[1]

It was thought to be the remains of the first planet in the system, destroyed by a catastrophic collision. It is beset with a constant electrical storm known as The Coil. Inside the Coil itself, ore runs the gamut from basic slough to heavy metals, with extremely valuable (and distinctive) caches being discovered more often than one would expect. Despite the cluster being the largest source of untapped resources in the system, it remains relatively untouched thanks to the dangers involved in any attempts to harvest them.[2]

Although mining is strongly discouraged due to the environmental hazards and roaming outlaw packs that have been known to hide in the area, miners continue to try their luck at extracting the valuable minerals from Odin I's dynamic asteroids.

The Shubin Interstellar Mining Colony Archon is located within The Coil as featured in Squadron 42.

Natural Satellites


Odin I's former moon, known as Gainey, still drifts near the remnants of its former planet and has seen some minor settlement on its surface in the form of fracking operations and gas refinement plants.[2]

Artificial satellites

Archon Base

Located within The Coil, this Shubin Interstellar mining station is featured in Squadron 42. However it does not appear on the Starmap.

Aciedo Station

This station belonging to Aciedo CommRelay is still under construction as of Squadron 42's setting of 2945.

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