Pedro Macedo Camacho

Music composer of Star Citizen
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Portrait of Pedro Camacho

Pedro Macedo Camacho is a Portuguese composer for music featured in Star Citizen.[1][2][3] He lives on the Madeira Islands in Portugal. He had been composing Star Citizen music since 2012. His first work was the 300i ship commercial.[4]


Name Album Type Source
SynthQuest Blue Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Ship commercial Soundcloud
Majesty Of Space Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Theme music Soundcloud
Mission Preparations 1 Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Launcher music Soundcloud
First Light (ft Julie Elven) Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Ship commercial Soundcloud
Star Citizen Main Theme Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Star Citizen theme Soundcloud
Majesty Of Space (Orchestra version) Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Theme music Soundcloud
Hero March Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Arena Commander combat Soundcloud
Serenity Star Citizen Original Soundtrack ARK Starmap web app Soundcloud
SciFi Homage Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Arena Commander theme Soundcloud
My Home Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Theme music Soundcloud
Battle of Centauri Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Theme music Soundcloud
Hornet Theme Ship Commercial Youtube
What is Speed? Ship Commercial Youtube
This One is Mine Ship Commercial Youtube
Freelancer Ship Commercial Youtube
Dare to Dream Ship Commercial Youtube
Into the Unknown Web Game RSI Website
Inspiring Star Citizen Trailer Youtube
Alpha 2.0.0 Trailer Music Trailer Youtube
Alpha 2.6.0 Trailer Music Trailer Youtube
Star Marine Trailer (ft CelicaSoldream) Trailer Youtube
Moon Launcher music
Colton Was Here Lorville Approach Youtube
Lullaby to CaseyB[5] Central Business District Youtube
Mind Games Star Marine (ilfonic) ingame Youtube
Review: Successful Arena Commander victory
Review: Unsuccessful Arena Commander loss
Into the Void Arena Commander death
My Home is in the Stars Port Olisar (formerly)
Speed Activated Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Arena Commander racing Youtube
Storm is Coming Star Citizen Original Soundtrack Theme music
The Stars are Mine Galactic Tour theme Youtube

Other works

He has composed music for several games such as Audiosurf (2007), Civilization V,[6] Wolfenstein, World of Wacraft: Shadowlands.[7]

When he started working on Star Citizen he was also hired to work on The Witcher 3,[8] initially to help the main composer then as a composer, and at some point had to choose between the two games and chose Star Citizen.[9]


  • He was a huge Wing Commander fan. He played Wing Commander I with his father.[4][10]
  • He sent an email to Chris Roberts on the day that his son was born, saying that he would want to work for him. Chris read it, and Pedro started composing music for Star Citizen.[4]
  • One of his first ever MIDI tracks was bought by Cloud Imperium Games for Star Citizen.[7]
  • He started playing games at three years old, with his father. He has played games every single day of his life since then. He played most Spectrum 48k Games, then Commodore 64, then Commodore Amiga 500 (then 600 then 1200). He had around 500 games for Amiga systems, Sega Mega Drive [Genesis], etc, including Wing Commander which was one of his favorites.[7]
  • He was playing Starcraft professionally as "Overmind" in the Electronic Sports League, was part of a korean clan for a bit, was a clan leader in the portuguese scene, participated in tournaments.[9]

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