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Pico the Penguin

Mascot of New Babbage

Pico at New Babbage.jpg
Pico the Penguin
ManufacturermicroTech (MITE)
UEC Cost 150

Pico the Penguin is the mascot of New Babbage. It is a penguin with a microTech visor helmet, a snow jacket with the blue and green microTech color scheme, and a grey backpack. Sometimes it can be seen with a microTech-branded snowboard. It loves carving its way down the snow covered slopes of microTech.[1]


Pico can be seen as plushies for sale in New Babbage, microTech, Stanton. The smaller versions are available for player purchase for 150 aUEC, they come in three variants: no snowboard, holding a snowboard horizontally, and riding a snowboard. The bigger versions are not purchasable for players, they come in three variants: holding a snowboard vertically, holding a snowboard horizontally, and riding a snowboard.[1]

In-game description

This adorable mascot of New Babbage loves nothing more than carving their way down the snow covered slopes of microTech.


  • In Alpha 3.10.0q PTU, as a response to player placing the Pico pushie all over the game world,[2][3] Cloud Imperium implemented a mechanics as core tech to clean up Pico placed in the world to reduce performance cost.[4]
  • As of Alpha 3.10.0p PTU, the Pico pushie can act as body armor against small arms fire.[5]
  • As of Alpha 3.10, you can store Pico in your inventory by pressing 6 in default key binding.



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