Port Renatus

City on Mars in the Sol system
Port Renatus
LocationSol system    On Mars
TypeLanding zone
Founded2120 CE; 834 years ago (2120)

Port Renatus is a city on Mars in Sol System. It is the first city Humanity established outside of Earth.


Named after the global initiative to terraform the planet, Port Renatus has literally been here since the very beginning. The city's center marks the first landing point and basecamp, set up during the initial terraforming technical scout in 2120.

In 2125, the bulk of the four thousand eight hundred sixty-six scientists and technicians died in the Great Mars Tragedy.

Once the terraforming and geodynamic processing had finally stabilized the planet, it was only natural that this area became the first established city of the newly colonized Mars.


Martian Institute of Space and Technology

The Martian Institute of Space and Technology (MIST) was the first University established outside of Earth. It was credited with kick-starting the Second Nuclear Age in 2247,[1] with the commissioning of an advanced Thorium reactor in Port Renatus. Two students from MIST discovered the Rhetor system.[2]

Port Renatus Metropolitan Opera House

The Jacopo Monocle and Top Hat were commissioned in honor of the opera house Quincentennial.[3]

Radegast Distillery

The Radegast Distillery was founded in Port Renatus, in 2520. Today, Radegast is consistently ranked as one of the biggest sellers of Martian Whiskey in the UEE.[4]

Mars Disaster Memorial

The memorial to the victims of the Great Mars Tragedy can be found in Port Renatus.

Guided Tour

Approaching the city will take you over the landscape that inflamed the imaginations of the ancient Humans. There's only one landing zone in Port Renatus, currently set up as a local R&H franchise that was designed to overlay the landing pattern of the original settlement … with a few more buildings, obviously.

An Aeroview Hangar rep can be found after you dock your ship in case you'd like to look into business hangars or check in with the newly renovated Trade and Development Division kiosks, now featuring fully automated cargo inspection and transfer interfaces.

If you're just passing through, there are a handful of ship-oriented dealers on hand from trusted names like CenterMass and Astro-Armada. If you need repairs, check out Terry Quell's shop. The old man is an absolute whiz with machines and a friend of The Observist. Best thing is he won't drain your account to do it.

There is one thing you absolutely must check out, and no, this isn't up for debate. If you're on Port Renatus and you don't stop by Radegast, you will be missing out on one of Humanity's most venerated institutions.

Built in the 26th century, Radegast was a neighborhood bar run by the Wilkes family, who passed down the ownership for generations. The reputation of the bar grew when they began to distill their own whiskey. Eventually, a corps came knocking and bought the Radegast bar and drink, turning it into a franchise.

Shortly after the turn of the 29th century, the popularity of the brand began to wane before dropping off into obscurity. A hundred years later, in 2920, residents of Port Renatus were amazed to find that construction had begun to rebuild the original Radegast as it appeared in the 26th century. So stop by and have a glass of whiskey while basking in the trappings of the past.

Wandering around the streets of Port Renatus, you will find a masterclass in architectural evolution as you pass by buildings built over the multiple centuries. The local Governor's Council has even begun to utilize some of the preservation technology used to protect older buildings on Earth.

Near the city's center, you will find the Mars Disaster Memorial, built to honor the sacrifice of the brave men and women who lost their lives in the horrible tragedy of 2125.

Unfortunately, most other cultural aspects of Port Renatus disappeared during the Messer Era, when the bulk of the city was converted into industrial zones to house businesses who wanted the proximity of Earth but not the increased cost. Sadly, it's never reverted back, but if you're here for business, there are plenty of avenues to pick up a decent contract.

Check in with the infodesks at Shubin Interstellar or the Ares Geological Services for their latest job opportunities. We'd also recommend talking to Tentha Ceeeh, the most recognized Infoagent for these parts. A Xi'an expatriate, Tentha's been on Mars for centuries. He didn't leave even during the worst of the Messer Era. Despite that, you won't ever find him in anything but a cheery, helpful mood.

Walking through Port Renatus is like taking a tour through history. The ancient Humans used to look up at this tiny red planet and wonder what civilizations lived there. If they could have only seen the breadth and wonder on each and every corner of Port Renatus, they would have been amazed.[5]


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