Pyro III

Lava Planet in the Pyro system
Pyro III
ClassificationLava Planet
LocationUnclaimed space
Pyro system
└─ Orbiting Pyro (star)

The third planet in the Pyro System is the only one believed to have once existed in the green band, pre-nova; this is where tiny algae-like fossils have been discovered. For this reason, it was the initial focus of non-profit research efforts during Pyro's initial exploration. Making life more difficult for researchers, the nova process has rendered Pyro III a largely magma world. With little left to discover, the scientific community quickly grew tired of Pyro III and the system in general. Pyro III is technically listed as a potential terraforming candidate by the UEE, although taming a magma world would be extremely difficult and no interest in this project has ever developed.

Scientists speculate that this terrestrial planet survived a collision with pieces of the planet sized body that knocked Pyro IV out of its orbit. [1]


Jax McCleary streaming from Pyro III

The composition of the atmosphere of Pyro III is still unknown, but from the live feeds sent from it by Jax McCleary, it seems that at least in some areas is breathable by humans without any aid.[2]



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