Pyrotechnic Amalgamated

Human company in the mining and Terraforming industry
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated - JP1102.svg
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated
IndustryMining and Terraforming
HeadquartersPyro VI
Area servedPyro
Key peopleTromo Nivelin (CEO) [2409 - 2457],
Cecile Uchiha (CEO) [before 2493]
FounderTromo Nivelin
Founded2409 CE; 545 years ago (2409)
FateDeclared Bankruptcy
Defunct2563 CE; 391 years ago (2563)

Pyrotechnic Amalgamated (sometimes abbreviated PyAm) is a company responsible for mining and terraforming operations in the 26th century originally founded by Tromo Nivelin.[1] They are known for discovering and pioneering Pyro and Nivelin (Hadrian).

Pyrotechnic Amalgamated was founded in 2409 when Tromo Nivelin used his earlier profits from the sale of a data management company co-founded with a university friend to start a new mining venture.[2][3]

With the discovery of Virgil in 2412, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated landed windfall profits with their unorthodox approach at scanning the system for mining bids. Unlike the majority of companies which used the systemic scan-grid technique, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated utilized a scanning method popular with explorers, which allowed them to cover a much wider area at a fraction of the time it took other companies. This speed allowed the company to underbid others and secure several lucrative locations within the system.[2][3]

Founder and CEO Tromo Nivelin's goal for the company however was to discover a system, something he believed would allow the company to sustain itself for centuries to come. With this goal in mind, an exploration division was created within the company. However, Nivelin would retire before realizing this dream.[2][3]

Twenty-four years after Pyro's initial discovery, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated, seeking new mining territories, began reviewing the scan records of systems not yet claimed. Upon further review of the original report from the Roustabout, they sent an explorer to the region and formally discovered Pyro, and immediately began charting its planets.[4]

Pyrotechnic Amalgamated would register their discovery of the system with the United Nations of Earth and lobby for the UNE to claim the system. The government, however, decided that the systems sun was too unstable, leaving the system unclaimed.[2][3]

On January 15th, 2494, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated held an employee job fair, seeking qualified employees to explore and chart the Pyro system.[5]

The governments reluctance to claim the system, however, did not deter the company from establishing mining sites on Pyro II and Bloom, and from bolstering its security force to "discourage" others from developing their own sites in the system.[2][3]

Pyrotechnic Amalgamated would begin constructing the MacEwan Station in 2506, named in honor of the Roustabout watch officer who discovered the gravitational anomaly. With construction costs soaring, little profits from their mining operations, and a downturn within the mining industry, by 2508 CEO Cecile Uchiha slowed the construction of the station.[2][3]

In 2510 a security force associated with the company ran deep space scans that revealed the existence of a jump point into a new system. A promising asteroid belt was discovered, however no habitable planets were located within the system the company would name Nivelin. The company would go on to register their discovery with the UNE and use the finder's fee in an attempt to fill the budget shortfall of the MacEwan station.[2][3]

The station was completed in 2512 and would go on to streamline mining and supply operations for the company. With the discovery of the Terra System in 2516 and a jump point from it to Pyro, the station would see a significant increase in traffic. Pyrotechnic Amalgamated would attempt to capitalize on its close proximity with Terra by bidding on mining rights within the system, a venture that would lead them to overbidding on the Arroyo lode when data from a faulty data convinced executives within the company it was worth much more than it actually was.[2][3]

In 2539 a jump was discovered between Nivelin and the Gurzil system, placing the system in the middle of the Xi'an-Human Cold War, which would lead to the government restricting access to Nivelin and renaming it "Hadrian." This restriction would lead to a significant reduction in traffic to the MacEwan station.[2][3]

By 2542 the mines within Pyro were all but depleted, leading the company to attempt to sell the MacEwan station to the government, a deal that would ultimately fail, and the first step in the ultimate bankruptcy of the company.[2][3]

The 2550's would be spent by the company shrinking its workforce, reducing its areas of operation, and liquidating assets just to keep the company running. With the development of more advanced shield technology following the First Tevarin War, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated saw a chance at survival by utilizing the technology to survive even the harshest parts of the system. The widespread adoption of the technology, however, meant a higher presence of outlaws within the system, and due to an extensive shrinking of its security forces in a cost-saving attempt, the company found themselves under near-constant attack.[2][3]

In 2563, Pyrotechnic Amalgamated declared bankruptcy while attempting to overcome the unforgiving condition of Pyro.[6] The company was crushed by the cost of of attempting to build a station that orbited Pyro IV.[6] A former housing platform owned and operated by Pyrotechnic Amalgamated, known as Ruin Station, serves as the largest stronghold for pirates, fugitives, terrorists, and other kinds of people in Pyro.[7]



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