Seraphim Systems

Former spacecraft manufacturer
Seraphim Systems
IndustrySpacecraft manufacture
ProductsPlanetary shuttles and transport ships
HeadquartersTram, Asura, Ferron system
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
Key peopleAugust Dunlow (Investor)
FounderJanna Malone
FateAcquired and rebranded
Defunct2799 CE; 154 years ago (2799)
SuccessorCrusader Industries

Seraphim Systems was a small spacecraft manufacturer based in the city of Tram on Asura, specializing in the production of high-quality planetary shuttles and small transport ships. Though short-lived, Seraphim Systems is considered a pivotal part of the origin story of Crusader Industries. The small shuttle producer formed the core of what became one of the aerospace industry's most prominent manufacturers.[1] In recognition of its importance, the trade hub above planet Crusader is named Seraphim Station.


In its early days, Seraphim struggled to meet customer demand due to insufficient production capacity. However, the company was unable to secure additional capital for expansion due to its location on Asura, which had experienced an economic downturn following unfounded sanctions from Imperator Messer XI.[1]

In 2799, a controlling interest in Seraphim Systems was acquired by August Dunlow, an entrepreneur and former anti-Messer activist. Dunlow rebranded the company as Crusader Industries and significantly expanded its operations. Under Dunlow's leadership, Crusader Industries transitioned from solely manufacturing shuttles to producing large-scale transport ships and became a major aerospace company.[1]

Seraphim's original CEO, Janna Malone, opposed the rebranding but eventually agreed to the change on the condition that Crusader would commit to pursuing morally driven business practices. This commitment to corporate social responsibility and charity work became a defining aspect of Crusader Industries' culture. Malone believed the Seraphim name represented the company's religiously inspired values, but the Seraphim Systems brand was ultimately retired after the acquisition.[1]


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