Sound of Silence

Mercenary mission from Nine Tails
Sound of Silence
Priority Personal
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 20000
Start Location Hurston AO
Faction Nine Tails

The mission Sound of Silence tasks the player with taking out Hurston Dynamics PDC Monitors, aka 'Skimmers'. Finding them requires the use of Scanning and a mission timer will be triggered once the first is destroyed. It is likely that you will encounter hostile law enforcement. The mission Halt Illegal Surveillance is essentially this scenario in reverse, eliminating illegal PDCs for Hurston.


  • Sound of Silence
  • Blackout
  • Wire Cutter
  • Deaf & Dumb
  • Peeping Toms


Spoiler content

"Not sure if you've heard the rumors but arrests have spiked around (Location), security's showing up at jobs and sweeping everybody to the clink. Weren't dumb luck either. Cru-Sec was waiting for them. So, I did a little recon and discovered three data skimmers surveilling the area. Plenty of people, including the Nine Tails, want this inconvenience eliminated. I can guarantee good creds and my eternal gratitude if you do it. Hunt down the PDC Monitors by scanning for wherever they're hiding, and attack hard and fast before they get a chance to upload any data they've collected. Once they're gone, we can all get back to good, ol' fashioned criminalizing. Watch your back, though. Security gets all worked up when these things get messed with."

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