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Star Citizen:Lua

Lua usage on the Star Citizen Wiki

Lua is a programming language that is integrated into the Star Citizen Wiki with Scribunto. Lua source code is run from Modules in their own namespace, and invoked with {{#invoke:Module|function}}; this should be done with a wrapper template. For example, if we have a module named "foo", then we should have a template called "Template:Foo" consisting of {{#invoke:Foo|main}} to call the module, and use {{Foo}} to use the module on pages.

For certain complex templates, Lua runs many times more efficiently than standard wikitext. It can also perform operations not available otherwise in wikitext. Unlike JavaScript, it is available to all readers, and does not need to be enabled. It is also run during parsing, rather than after.

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Note: A portion of the text above is originated from the RuneScape Wiki under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.