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Star Citizen:Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization on the Star Citizen Wiki

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) project is an ongoing effort to improve the search ranking of Star Citizen Wiki. Unlike many major wikis on the internet, Star Citizen Wiki is independent and not a part of any wiki farms (e.g. Fandom, Wikimedia Foundation, Gamepedia, etc.). Not being a part of wiki farm means that we do not have the benefits in search ranking, and it has to be built from the start.


The wiki uses the WikiSEO extension to provide SEO meta tags on every page on the wiki. The {{SEO}} template is used to define additional settings like image, locale, keywords, and descriptions for the page. Descriptions are fetched from the TextExtracts API through the External Data extension.

Ways to help

While some part of the project has to be done by the wiki staff, there are several ways that you can help us out!

  • Promote the articles on the wiki. Organic traffic is the best way to improve the search ranking of a website, with more traffic we are able to attract more readers and contributors alike.
  • Add more wiki links on an article. Web crawlers use links on the page to navigate in the wiki, having more links will help to improve the ranking.
  • Link to orphaned pages on the wiki.
  • Add {{SEO}} to the missing pages.

The below list contains pages that do not contain the {{SEO}} template in the article namespace. Please add one to the page: