Star Citizen:Access levels

User groups on the Star Citizen Wiki

This page provides a summary for each user group. For a full list of abilities available to user groups, see Special:ListGroupRights.


Unregistered users

Users who have not created an account or logged in cannot edit the wiki. This is partly done to combat spam and vandalism, and prevent displaying IP address publicly.

Registered users

Users who have signed in can edit pages and upload files. They cannot create pages and must answer a CAPTCHA if they wish to make an edit which involves the addition of one or more external links.

Verified users

Users who have verified their wiki account on our Discord channel can create pages, edit semi-protected page, upload new version of files, on top of all the things registered users can do.

Trusted users

Trusted users can move pages and files, and edit templates and some additional namespaces. This permission is granted upon request.

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