Update:Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.0

Star Citizen build released on 2023-10-19
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2023-10-19 - 6 months ago
A1 Spirit

Star Citizen Alpha 3.21.0 is a major update for Star Citizen.

Major updates

Feature Description
New Crusader Platforms
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Adding three new points of interest in Crusader's atmosphere, providing new locations for missions and loot.
New jump point stations Adding R&R rest stops to the Pyro, Magnus, and Terra jump points, along with their associated infrastructure and surrounding gas clouds.
New Missions - Retrieve Consignment
A new mission type where players are tasked with locating critical items in consignment lists, then safely extract them.
New Missions - Steal Evidence
A criminal mission type where players are tasked with infiltrating Security Post Kareah and stealing files from Crusader Security for a hefty payout.
Crusader A1 Spirit
Spirit Concept Bombing.jpg
Building, balancing, and implementing Crusader Industries' light bomber, the A1 Spirit, into the game.
Drake Cutter Scout
Cutter Scout scanning destroyed Javelin.jpg
Building, balancing, and implementing Drake Interplanetary's reconnaissance ship, the Cutter Scout, into the game.
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