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IndustryQuantum Drive Manufacturing
Manufacturer CodeTARS
FounderSelma Tontil
Founded2292 CE; 659 years ago (2292)

Tarsus Electronics or simply Tarsus is a company that focuses on manufacturing Quantum Drive technology.


Tara and Alfon eventually did leave to explore the stars, but their company continued on under the watchful eye of CEO Tontil, who bought out the pair's controlling shares. Under her leadership, Tarsus moved from just producing jump modules to also producing a popular line of Quantum drives.

Over the centuries Tarsus has continued to develop and grow, and though the populace at large enjoys their products, the Jumper mentality is never too far from their core. When Tarsus' testing division was frustrated with having to use off-the-shelf scanning devices and nav computers, they developed their own to better be able to see how their jump drives performed. The in-house versions become popular with the staff who installed them on their own personal ships, and soon the ships of fellow exploring enthusiasts. It didn't take long before word got out, and now Tarsus is as well known for their equipment to help you find jump points as they are for helping you navigate through them.

As much as Nick Croshaw gets credit for expanding Humanity's reach, it is safe to say that our expansion would never had been as rapid or as vast if it hadn't been for Tara Dilione, Alfonsus Carbrino and their homegrown Tarsus mod. To quote Alfon, "The pieces had all been right there thanks to the hard work of so many others. Tara and I just happened to be the lucky ones who put it all together."[1]


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