The Next Great Starship

Spaceship modding contest
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The Next Great Starship
Event TypeContest
Date2014-01-31 – 2014-06-08

The Next Great Starship (TNGS) was a modding contest hosted by Cloud Imperium in 2014 that let the community to create a spaceship to be implemented in Star Citizen.[1] A total of 270 teams representing 65 countries entered the contest,[2] 16 finalists were chosen, and the Four Horsemen won the contest with the Aegis Dynamics Redeemer.[3]


Type Prize
  • $30,000 USD cash
  • The team's starship will be implemented in Star Citizen.
  • The first production models for each team member.
  • Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite, Maya Premium, and one high-end AMD based system with Radeon R9 290X for each team member.
  • $10,000 USD cash
  • Alienware laptop, Autodesk Maya 2014, AMD Radeon R9 290X for each team member.
  • $5,000 USD cash
  • Autodesk Maya LT, and AMD Radeon R9 290X for each team member.
4th – 16th
  • Non-transferable and non-refundable $250 USD in RSI Credits for each team member.
Specialty (MVP in final three teams)
  • One Cintiq Companion, and "Make the World your Studio" tablet from Wacom.


The contest os open to all backers age 17 and older. Each team can consist of one to three people. The finalist 16 teams were selected from the 270 teams that registered into the contest by submitting their ship weapon model by December 31, 2013.[4]

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