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Kingdom Animal
Phylum Vertibrate
Sentient? No
Habitat Xi (natural)
Koli (conservation)
Status Endangered
Diet Carnivore

Tokyai ( kyexiin: ma2to0kyaai1(Proper); SRX: ma’tok.yāi (Proper); literally animal that creates genuine fear; ), sometimes known as a Rihlah Jumpbeast is an arboreal apex predator native to and endangered on the Xi’an world Xi.It is now conserved and flourishing on Koli. It feeds on smaller herbivorous forest creatures.[1] It glides from tree to tree, using its formidable claws to latch on to unsuspecting prey.[2]


The ma’tok.yāi is named by Kiv0 from the Animal Naming Contest in 2017. The suggestion was chosen not only because it was well-made according to Xi’an grammatical rules, but it suggested a sense of fear in its pitch construction.[2]


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