Exported Xi'an medium fighter manufactured by Aopoa
Quick facts:
San'Tok.Yai in battle over world firing weapons - Cut.jpg
Flight ready
Aopoa (XNAA)
Medium Fighter
Small (S2/XS)
0 SCU0 KµSCU <br />0 µSCU <br />
250 KµSCU0.25 SCU <br />250,000 µSCU <br />
$ 240.00€ 242.40 <br />£ 204.00 <br /> ($ 220.00€ 222.20 <br />£ 187.00 <br />)
$ 220.00€ 222.20 <br />£ 187.00 <br /> ($ 195.00€ 196.95 <br />£ 165.75 <br />)
Time-limited sales
7m 30s
2m 30s
Expedite fee
3,800 aUEC
24 m0.024 km <br />2,400 cm <br />
23 m0.023 km <br />2,300 cm <br />
10 m0.01 km <br />1,000 cm <br />
88,524 kg88.524 t <br />
Scm speed
265 m/s954 km/h <br />
0 to scm
3.802 s
Scm to 0
0 s
Max speed
1,275 m/s4,590 km/h <br />
0 to max
18.295 s
Max to 0
0 s
Roll rate
153 °/s
Pitch rate
44 °/s
Yaw rate
44 °/s
Hydrogen capacity
147,000 L147 SCU <br />
Hydrogen intake
29 L/s0.029 SCU/s <br />
Quantum capacity
583.33 L0.583 SCU <br />
Cross section
- 50 %
- 100 %
12,410 ❤️
28 November 2948
28 November 2018
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The San'tok.yāi ( Xi'an: San2to0kyaai1(San'tok.yāi) (Proper); literally ship that creates genuine fear; ) is the Human export model of the Xi'an military medium fighter of the same name. It is manufactured by Aopoa.[1] It features the newer generation of the Xi'an flight systems, upgraded dual-vector thrusters, and Xi'an weaponry manufactured by Torral Aggregate.[2]


Cutting through space and air with acrobatic precision and grace, Aopoa’s distinct wing placement and now-iconic dual-vector thrusters allow the San’tok.yāi to literally fly circles around the competition.
The vehicle comes as standard with four Size 3 Torral Aggregate Yeng'tu Laser Repeater as well as four Size 3 missile hard-points (each carrying two Size 2 missiles).
The uniquely ergonomic cockpit takes the entire experience to a new level of comfort and control, with special care being taken to ensure maximum efficiency in adapting the pilot’s seat and controls to human specifications.
The front-loading component rack supports fast and easy repair or replacement.



Ship profile

Isometric Above Starboard Front Rear Below
San'Tok.Yai in space - Isometric.jpg
San'Tok.Yai in space - Above.jpg
San'Tok.Yai in space - Port.jpg
San'Tok.Yai in space - Front.jpg
San'Tok.Yai in space - Rear.jpg
San'Tok.Yai in space - Below.jpg
Isometric Above Starboard Front Rear Below
San'Tok.Yai landed in hangar - Isometric - Cut.png
Isometric Above Starboard Front Rear Below
San’tok.yāi BW - Front Starboard.png
San’tok.yāi BW - Above.png
San’tok.yāi BW - Starboard.png
San’tok.yāi BW - Front.png
San’tok.yāi BW - Rear.png
San’tok.yāi BW - Below.png


"Tuiping" "Xuā'cha" "Yilen"
San'Tok.Yai Tuiping in space - Isometric.jpg
San'Tok.Yai Xuā'cha in space - Isometric.jpg
San'Tok.Yai Yilen in space - Isometric.jpg

Pledge price history

Date Pledge cost (USD) Insurance Availability Sale
2018-11-28 195 LTI Time-limited 2948 Anniversary Special
2023-06-15 220 6 Time-limited 2953 Alien Week



The San'tok.yāi were believed to be manufactured as early as 2915 by the Aopoa Council to replace the aging medium fighter design used by the Xi'an military. Like other Xi'an military spacecrafts, the ship started mass manufacturing decades ago and replaced the old design all at once to reduce the need to continue providing duplicate service and support processes. Squadrons of Xi'an home guard units with San'tok.yāi were first spotted by the United Empire of Earth (UEE) in the old Perry Line in December 2934, where the ship was designated ARES by the UEE Navy (UEEN). It was believed that the timing of the deployment was in response to a minor trade dispute in the summer of 2933. The intelligence report from the 2930s suggest that the ship was a rough parity with the F7A Hornet and the F7C-M Super Hornet.[3]

On the morning of September 24 2941, a Xi'an packet ship exploded in the orbit of Yām'ping in the Yā'mon system. The four short-range escort San'tok.yāi were forced to crash land on the planet as the onboard oxygen supply diminished. Since the crash site is distant from both Human and Xi'an settlements, no distress call had been received. Meanwhile, a convert UEE reconnaissance outpost picked up the signal of the explosion and performed initial study and analysis of the accident. The base commander made the decision to rescue the stranded pilots at the risk of revealing the location of his outpost. He dispatched all available information to the nearby UEEN destroyer group conducting space trials, prompting them to move into range of the crash sites.

UEES Eagle’s Talon dispatched a pair of MPUVs to the site and found that the ships in question were indeed ARES. Two of the four escorts suffered heavy damage in the initial explosion and had been completely destroyed in the crash. Survey teams transmitted scans of the wreckage and split into two teams to locate the other ships. The first team discovered the third fighter that had skidded to a stop on an icy plain. They began de-icing the wreck site to quickly reach the pilot. The industrial heating units set off the live munition on the ship's wing and destroyed the entire site, killing all members of the first rescue team and the fighter's pilot. The second team discovered that the fourth fighter had not crashed and landed safely on a stable plane. Tracks in the snow confirmed that pilot had survived and was heading to reach his wingman. The surviving pilot was located by air and taken aboard the escort where he was treated for exposure and ultimately repatriated to the Xi'an Empire.

Despite the casualties, the incident was seen as a net positive for Human-Xi'an relations with the safe rescue of the surviving pilot. Military intelligence officers were not as happy about the incident as they gained only a limited amount of usable information from the initial crash site scans of the medium fighter.[3]

On November 28 2948, in the 2948 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, Aopoa announced that the company was making a civilian-spec medium fighter part of their export lineup. It rendered years of intelligence gathering obsolete for UEE. Aopoa's decision had seemingly been made after almost three decades of increasing Khartu-al sales to Human concerns. The spacecraft, named the San'tok.yāi, was revealed at an opulent invitation-only gala which broadly celebrated Xi'an culture and was centered around an unabridged presentation of āluo'a Thasyu se Xo'ma. What the public saw was an impressive new Xi'an design, the military already knew as a development of the frontline medium fighter they had studied for over ten years. As an export model, the San'tok.yāi is not an exact match for any of the mil-spec spacecraft observed previously, but is similar enough in both design and capabilities that it can be said with certainty to have been derived from them. The overall fuselage and flight configurations closely match recorded encounters with frontline medium fighter models. The dual-vector thrusters and Yeng'tu Repeaters, included with the base civilian model, also conform to what was already known about the ship. Additionally, all footage of the San'tok.yāi maneuvering has been within the limits of previous military observations. Analysts have noted with some concern that the San'tok.yāi's capabilities are so close to what is known about the Xi'an medium fighter that this sudden reveal strongly indicates that the military must have access to a more advanced model that has not yet been seen - a potential roadblock for the recently commissioned F8 Lightning.[3]



2018-11-28 Concept sale in the 2948 Anniversary Special.
2021-05-05 Revealed that the San'tok.yāi was in production and to be implemented in game with an allocated work schedule of 10 weeks.[4]
2023-06-15 The San'tok.yāi is approaching the end of the graybox phase.[5]
2023-10-31 The San'tok.yāi is set to be released on the patch 3.22.[6]
2023-12-14 The San'tok.yāi becomes flight ready on the patch 3.22.[7]

Aims & Aesthetic
  • A step above the Khartu-al, this medium fighter is dedicated to combat.
  • Meant to go toe-to-toe with a Super Hornet or Sabre. Along with strong offensive capabilities, also contains advanced shield technology providing it with extra defenses.
  • The design will expand and continue to refine the uniquely alien Xi'an spacecraft style initially developed for the Khartu-al.
Length 24m (Landed)
Width 23m (Landed)
Height 10m (Landed)
Mass 106,566 kg
Speed 265 mps
Crew 1
Powerplants Small
Shield 2 x Small
Armour Small
Weapons 4 x S3 Xi'an Repeater

4x S3 - BEHR MSD-322 Missile Rack

  • 8x S2
Thrusters 4x S1

1x S1 CML Flare

  • 16x Flare

1x S1 CML Chaff

  • 16x Chaff
Cargo Capacity 0 SCU


  • It is named after the Tokyai, the apex predator that is native to the Xi'an world Xi.[9] This also means that it is derived from a fan-submitted name, as this animal was titled as part of a contest.[10]
  • While fans popularly refer to the ship as the SanTokYai or STY, the correct Xi'an syllable breaks are San'-to-k.yāi, with the additional punctuation referring to pitch marks.
  • It is an original Xi'an-produced export by Aopoa, and not a replica, reconstruction, or a product of reverse-engineering.[11]

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