Yeng'tu Laser Repeater

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by Torral Aggregate
Yeng'tu Laser Repeater
ManufacturerTorral Aggregate (TOAG)
TypeLaser Repeater

The Yeng'tu Laser Repeater ( Xi'an: ro2thli Yeng2tu(ro’thli Yeng’tu) (Proper); literally energy weapon of Yeng'tu; ) is a Xi'an size 3 vehicle laser repeater manufactured by Torral Aggregate.[1][2] It is named after a type of flying insectoid with a painful, burning sting.[3] It has a higher rate of fire than traditional Human-produced laser repeaters of comparable size. While powerful, the design that produces this increased rate of fire comes at the expense of a lower maximum heat threshold, leading to a reduced firing duration before overheating.[4] It is in development and not avaliable in the game.


The Yeng'tu Laser Repeater is the first vehicle weapon available for sale directly to Humans. It was first mounted on the San'tok.yāi.[1]


The Yeng'tu Laser Repeater is the first Xi'an vehicle weapon introduced in Star Citizen. It is revealed with the concept sale of the San'tok.yāi.[5]


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