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UEES Orpheus Horizon

Crashed Javelin-class destroyer on Leir III

UEES Orpheus Horizon (Registration tag: KL4DS-531621) was a Javelin-class ship built in 2870. The Ship crashed on Leir III under unclear circumstances.

The Wreck of the Orpheus Horizon in 2946.


According to her ship plaque she was built on the Vaspen Drydock,[1] near Cestulus, in the Davien System; the headquarters of Aegis Dynamics. She was laid down on 10 June 2780, launched on 2 August 2781, and commissioned on 21 November 2781. Her inaugural Captain was CSC Ted Patterson.

The vita of the Orpheus Horizon is unclear. She dropped long before the discovery of his distress signals on 28 June 2946, on Leir III. At least 3 emergency capsules departed from the ship and landed on the planet. The fate of her crew is unclear.

The wreck of the Ship was used as an outpost of the group of human bandits. Chris Roberts named them "Sand Nomad(s)" during the presentation.


The discovery of the Orpheus Horizon' wreck was part of the CitizenCon 2016 Presentation,[2] called "Procedural Planet v2" or "Homestead Demo".[3]



  • Orpheus was a legendary ancient hellenic poet and singer, eternalized in the writings of antique greek authors and worshipped by the Orphics.

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