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Homestead Demo

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Homestead Demo
Homestead Demo
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Live Gameplay
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Atmospheric Flight
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The Homestead Demo, also known as Procedural Planets v2 was part of the CitizenCon 2016 presentation. Its goal was to show the progress of the procedural assistance tools being used by artists for the development of Star Citizen.


The demo shows the transition from space into the atmosphere of Leir III as well as atmospheric interefences and the landing on the surface. The player's "task" (model: Joaquim Steiger) is to search for distress signals on the planet.

It shows also an engagement between the Sand Nomads and the player. At the end of the demo, the player enters the deck of the crash landed Orpheus Horizon while a sandstorm rages over the wreck.

At the moment when a new group of Sand Nomads on Dragonfly vehicles re-appear, a gigantic sandworm (Valakkar) pierces from the bedrock to the surface, killing the Sand Nomads.

The demo ends with an pan out from the surface back into Leir III's orbit. Although this part of the demo sufferent audio desync during the presentation, it was fixed for the YouTube upload of the footage.



  • Inspirations for the Homestead Demo were taken from Jakku (Star Wars Episode 7 ), Mad Max - Fury Road and Beyond Thunderdome.[1]
  • Despite being widely regarded to be one of CIG's best demos[citation needed], this was originally planned to be just one of two major demos to be shown at CitizenCon 2016. Unfortunately however the Squadron 42 Vertical Slice ended up being delayed until the Holiday Special 2017 stream - over a year later.


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