University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification

Research centre famed for working on UEE Government projects
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University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification Center
Headquarters Persei
Type University
Parent Org University of Persei
Focus Energy theory and engineering

The University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification center (UPARQ), based on Persei, is a research institute associated to the University of Persei.[1]

It is is one of the most influential think tanks in the UEE. Much of the new technological advancement for the UEE is thought to originate here. Some of this government work is classified but energy-efficient quantum drives and improved thermal-resistant spacesuit fabric are believed to have originated there.[2]

UPARQ scientists are believed to have reverse engineered the tech used by Vanduul boarding "Spikes", adapting it for human use.[3]

During the First Tevarin War, UPARQ developed massive magnetic coils designed to weaponize solar electromagnetic radiation. Though the project failed, UPARQ realized the coils could be an ideal method to collect power in the Banshee system. It wasn't long before autonomous drilling rigs, powered by panels of these connected coils, bored into Lorona's surface and allowed Humanity a place to hide from the pulsar's effects. Today Lorona's landing zones are lined with these iconic coils that power the vast settlements and mining operations beneath the planet's surface.[4]

Alumni and Faculty


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