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United Empire of Earth Mini-Flag

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United Empire of Earth Mini-Flag
ManufacturerSakura Sun (SASU)
Type Vehicle dashboard decoration

The United Empire of Earth Mini-Flag is a miniature holographic flag that can be used as a decoration piece. It was introduced in Alpha 3.17.2 as a dashboard item which can be equipped to certain ships using the ship loadout manager in your mobiGlas.[1]

The item was handed out for free to Centurion and Imperator Subscribers in August 2022. It was also put on the Subscribers store to purchase retroactively for $4.00 USD.

Product description

"Celebrate the United Empire of Earth (UEE) wherever you go by flying a holographic version of the flag. The small and sleek stands makes it an ideal accessory for a desk or ship. Featuring a vibrant blue color offset by white, this iconic symbol incorporated iconography from the previous UPE flag to represent the next phase of Humanity's united government as it grew into a massive empire."

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