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United Nations of Earth Mini-Flag

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United Nations of Earth Mini-Flag
ManufacturerSakura Sun (SASU)
Type Vehicle dashboard decoration

The United Nations of Earth Mini-Flag is a miniature holographic flag displaying the United Nations of Earth. It can be used as a decoration piece. It was introduced in Alpha 3.17.2 as a dashboard item which can be equipped to certain ships using the ship loadout manager in your mobiGlas.[1]

The item was part of the Subscribers promotion in August 2022. It was not handed out, but put on the Subscribers store to purchase retroactively for $4.00 USD.

Product description

"Fly the flag of the first united Human government, the United Nations of Earth (UNE). First revealed in 2380, the inaugural flag design features interlocking circles symbolizing Humanity's three main populations centers (Earth, Mars, and Croshaw system) and six stars representing the ambition to continue expanding into space. This small metal stand flies a holographic version of the UNE flag, making it an ideal accessory for history buffs to place on their desk or aboard their ships."

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