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United Planets of Earth Mini-Flag

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United Planets of Earth Mini-Flag
ManufacturerSakura Sun (SASU)
Type Vehicle dashboard decoration

The United Planets of Earth Mini-Flag is a miniature holographic flag displaying the United Planets of Earth. It can be used as a decoration piece. It was introduced in Alpha 3.17.2 as a dashboard item which can be equipped to certain ships using the ship loadout manager in your mobiGlas.[1]

The item was handed out for free to Imperator Subscribers in August 2022. It was also put on the Subscribers store to purchase retroactively for $4.00 USD.

Product description

"This small metal stand flies a holographic flag of the United Planets of Earth (UPE). Designed in 2523 when Humanity replaced the United Nations of Earth (UNE) with a new political system better suited for its expanding governance over multiple systems. To symbolize this progression, the UPE flag kept the interlocking rings from the UNE flag while adding a circle with breaks to represent the continued desire to expand and laurel branches symbolizing the success of Humanity's space exploration."

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