Update:Star Citizen Patch V0.9.2.1

Star Citizen build released on 2014-11-14
2014-11-14 - 9 years ago




  • With all of the variants of the 300 series now playable, the default loadout for the ships are being adjusted so that they fit better into their intended roles but can still have their loadout be edited for other functions.
    • 300i
      • Nose gun removed from default loadout
      • Missiles removed from default loadout
    • 350r
      • Nose gun removed from default loadout
      • Missile racks can now be equipped. Default loadout still empty


  • Ballistic ammo boxes have had their ammunition damage and ammunition totals adjusted.


    • ESP adjusted to behave more consistently across different hardware setups
    • Virtual Joystick adjusted to allow for more precise control


  • Fixed control audio for 300 series
  • Fixed missing thrusters that were causing 300 series to maneuver poorly
  • Fixed 325a loading into Arena Commander with 300i textures
  • Fixed Gladius canopy sinking downward when used
  • Fixed weapon mounts allowing ships to use larger than intended weapons
  • Fixed Jukebox screen dropping out when getting too close in Self Land hangar
  • Fixed Jukebox screen being visible through Arena Commander menu
  • Fixed outdated sound bank for Self Land (discount) hangar
  • Fixed a movement delay issue that occurred when using virtual joystick control mode with mouse
  • Fixed an issue where hangar geometry would drop out when viewed through catwalks


  • 300i will occasionally ignore custom loadouts and enter a match with its stock weapons loadout
  • 315p jump scanner and jump engine appear as polyhedron in holo table
  • 350r targeting reticle is larger than intended when locked onto by another ship
  • Redeemer has multiple objects that cannot be used
  • Sure Grip Tractor beam does not function
  • Vanduul ships can have missing geometry in some damage states
  • Arena commander ship selection scroll bar is invisible and can only be used with a mouse wheel
  • Overclocking video cards can cause the game to crash


Star Citizen Patch V0.9.2.1

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