Update:Star Citizen Patch V1.0.1

Star Citizen build released on 2015-01-23
2015-01-23 - 8 years ago


  • Weapons
    • Added fuel system to missiles
    • Added IR signal to missiles so they can appear on radar
  • User Interface
    • Added UI and HUD overlays to display location of missiles that have been fired
    • Added radar icons to differentiate between friendly and enemy missiles
    • Buggy has been added to the holotable UI
    • Added drag and drop sorting to power management menu (F3) on some ships
    • Added community request to allow ship roll to be bound to mouse input
    • Added community request for invert option for analogue zoom
  • Art


  • Ships
    • Avenger mass increased
    • Avenger maneuvering thruster values adjusted
    • Avenger center of mass adjusted
    • Adjusted Cutlass thruster rotation speed
    • Vanduul Glaive speed increased
    • Corrected the amount of splash damage absorbed by shields
  • Weapons
    • Increased size and duration of chaff
    • Increased amount of countermeasures per pod
    • Flare lighting effect can now be seen further away
    • Flares potency degrades with time
    • Reduced missile ability to maintain its target
    • Increased missile damage due to improvements made to shields
    • Reduced acceleration of Rattler missile to extend fuel life
  • User Interface
    • Renamed "Controls" to say "Control Options"
    • "Join" has been removed from the lobby UI since the "Launch" button has replaced its function
    • When searching for a match, cancel and join will no longer display for players that are not the host
    • Host can no longer cancel a search when a match is found
  • Other tweaks
    • Tweaked information that is reported to the leaderboards for changes in damage dealt and taken
    • Updated some character animations for passing out and recovering from g-forces
    • AI pilots will sometimes use a break away maneuver after using a flare to deflect a missile


  • Ships
    • Fixed a few issues where running towards the Avenger and using a door would result in an offset animation
    • Avenger nose mount will now only accept the avenger Tigerstrike
    • Fixed an issue where the Avenger's Tigerstrike would continue to play ***weapons fire sounds when it runs out of ammunition
    • Fixed an issue where the Avenger could only take damage from some directions
    • Fixed some situations where the Avenger would deploy its landing gear while dogfighting
    • Fixed an issue where Aurora LN would load in without a radar sphere
    • Characters flying an Aurora LN and LX now show g-force animations while flying
    • Mustang turret weapons are now bound to the correct weapons group
    • Mustang Delta rockets will now explode when hitting 300 series ships
    • Mustangs will no longer give the 'forced error' message when destroyed
    • Hornet ladders will now have footstep audio when entering and exiting ship
    • Hornets have had their missing missile rack returned to them
    • Fixed an issue where the Hornet would fire its weapons through its nose at extreme angles
    • Fixed an issue where the Hornet computer would say "Chaff offline" when activating chaff
    • Fixed an issue that allowed for a Gladius to be flown in free flight
    • Fixed an issue with Cutlass landing gear not deploying when near landing pad
    • Characters flying a Cutlass will now show g-force animations while flying
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Cutlass to be missing its turret
    • Fixed multiple objects in the base Freelancer variant that could not be used
  • Weapons
    • Fixed an issue where flares would only spawn client side
    • Missiles will now detonate when they reach a flare
    • Fixed an issue where rattler engine flare would drop out at large distances
    • Fixed an issue where rattler missiles would not separate into their second stage in multiplayer
    • Missile icons in the HUD now properly reflect the type of lock the missile uses
    • Fixed a UI issue where changing power management tabs would show incorrect shield information if custom shield values were in use
    • Fixed some of the issues that would cause a 'forced error' when killing opponents with missiles or ballistic weapons
    • Fixed an issue where the Tigerstrike would continue to play weapons fire sounds when it runs out of ammunition
  • User Interface
    • Blank chat messages can no longer be sent while dogfighting
    • Closing chat while dogfighting now clears text from the entry field
    • Holotable item stacks will no longer move position in the item list when they are used
    • Entering a lobby will no longer request all the information from an accounts contact list at the same time
    • Toggling gimbal lock and virtual joystick no longer resets virtual center of the screen
    • Added a space between 'New' and 'Horizon' for the Old Vanderval race map
    • Fixed an issue where changing the game mode in a lobby would reset a players ship choice
  • Gameplay
    • Fixed an issue where self-destructing would count as a final kill
    • Fixed players being unable to connect to Vanduul Swarm Coop
  • Other fixes
    • Fixed an issue where getting inside the buggy would sometimes teleport characters outside of the hangar
    • Fixed the attachment point for the characters hair
    • Second story Self Land hangar bay doors now have audio when opened and closed
    • Fixed an issue where the camera would snap to a scene of stars when sitting in pilot chairs or ship beds
    • Fixed some flickering asteroids


  • 350r will sometimes spawn with damaged components
  • 350r is unable to have a Talon Stalker Twin Rack mounted on it in the holotable
  • Avenger maneuvering effects are green
  • Aurora weaponry is not venting heat
  • Mustang Beta can have one of the doors in the cabin float above it if it's used
  • Back seat of the super hornet cannot be exited
  • All ships aside from the Hornet are missing ship trails when carrying a Core
  • Several ships are having radar visibility issues due to the helmet blocking the view
  • Freelancer loading ramp has no collision
  • Ballistic weapons will sometimes be missing ammunition when loading into a match (deleting the user folder fixes this)
  • Missiles have a small portion of the ship targeting UI on them after being launched
  • Character will sometimes spawn with the helmet on backwards
  • Paint objects in the holotable are placeholder
  • Loading back into a lobby will reset the ship selection to its default (sometimes this doesn't happen visually but still happens on the backend)
  • The first player in Team 1 duplicates when the last non-ready player readies up for Capture the Core and Squadron Battle game modes
  • Ship selection resets to default the 2nd time a player loads into a game mode in the same lobby
  • Attempting to kick a player from the lobby as they quit out will generate Lobby Error 8, loading into a public lobby again will hang the game on a black screen
  • Using the Arena Commander menu in a ship, entering a match, and loading back into the hangar will cause lobby errors


Star Citizen Patch V1.0.1

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