Ground vehicle manufactured by Greycat
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Flight ready
Rework planned
1 – 2
$ 15.00€ 15.15 <br />£ 12.75 <br /> ($ 7.50€ 7.58 <br />£ 6.38 <br />)
Always available

The Greycat PTV (Personal Transport Vehicle, commonly known as Greycat Buggy) is a small vehicle developed by Greycat Industrial. PTVs are intended for road travel and are capable of transporting two personnel. Sometimes referred to as buggies or carts, they are commonly used in spacecraft hangars and on flight lines to deliver crews to spacecraft stored outside comfortable walking distance.[1]




The following are older paints (skins) that were once available, but currently are not usable in-game.[2]

Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
PTV - Agate Gray skin.jpg
"Agate Gray" A two-toned paint skin that brings the buggy’s interior colors as accents on the exterior, unifying the PTV into a single cohesive aesthetic. n/a 5.00
PTV - All Terrain Camouflage Forest skin.jpg
"All Terrain Camouflage Forest" A non-reflective paint surface ideal for anyone looking to lower their profile in the wild. Perfect for military, sporting enthusiasts or naturalists. n/a 5.00
PTV - Cherry skin.jpg
"Cherry" The topcoat system uses cutting-edge raw materials and composition coating technology to maintain its glossy finish. n/a 5.00
PTV - Gunmetal skin.jpg
"Gunmetal" A medium gloss, two-component technology that maximizes gloss retention and durability. n/a 5.00
PTV - Rifle Green skin.jpg
"Rifle Green" A premium two-component technology designed to endure harsher environments without fading or scratching. n/a 5.00
PTV - Tactical Stealth skin.jpg
"Tactical Stealth" A near zero gloss paint that incorporates a catalyzed urethane process for unsurpassed durability making it highly resistant to UV rays, chemicals and chips. n/a 5.00




The PTV is the first ground vehicle developed in Star Citizen. It was implemented in the first version of the hangar module in 2013-08-28, which was the first version of Star Citizen.[3] In 2015-10-23, the PTV received an overhaul with the release of the social module, aka Star Citizen Alpha 1.3.0.[4] During CitizenCon 2022 the concept art of the rework was revealed.[5]


the PTV was offered as Referral Bonus during the Patch 3.9 with LTI.

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