Tigerstrike T-21 Gatling

Size 3 vehicle weapon manufactured by Kruger Intergalactic
Tigerstrike T-21 - 3.10 Avenger CloseUp Highlighted.jpg
Tigerstrike T-21 Gatling
ManufacturerKruger Intergalactic (KRIG)
TypeBallistic Gatling

The Kruger Tigerstrike T-21 Gatling is a size 3 vehicle ballistic gatling. It is a part of the Tigerstrike series ballistic gatling. It is the default nose-mounted weapon on the Avenger series.[1]

Temporary appearance

CIG have stated that the T-21 will temporary use the same asset as the Gallenson Tactical Systems Ballistic Gatling series and will create a unique looking asset sometime in the future.


Simply put, the Tigerstrike T-21 from Kruger is an equalizer. This high-speed rotary cannon is capable of delivering a relentless stream of rounds on target with a minimal chance of weapon jam making it an essential addition to any arsenal.

Universe availability

Standard on


  1. In-game description 3.10.0
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