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XenoThreat Ambush - Support Needed

Delivery, Combat mission from Rowena Dulli
XenoThreat Ambush - Support Needed
Priority General
Type Delivery, Combat
UEC Pay 25000 + Bonuses
Start Location INS Jericho AO
Mission Giver Rowena Dulli
Requirements XenoThreat dynamic event

XenoThreat Ambush - Support Needed is a dynamic event mission in which players join the Civilian Defense Force in order to protect INS Jericho from attacking XenoThreat fleets, and to recover important commodities from wrecked ships and delivering them to Jericho.

Dynamic description

Spoiler content


Attention, XenoThreat forces started to ambush Naval convoy ships transporting vital supplies en route to INS Jericho station in the Stanton system. The Navy has requested CDF forces to help recover these supplies from the wreckage and safely deliver them to Jericho station. All available CDF volunteers are encouraged to provide support.

Please note that the supplies are highly volatile if not handled correctly. Use caution while transporting these materials:

Also, XenoThreat hostiles might still be in the area so be careful. CDF volunteers with combat experience are also urged to contribute by securing these areas from lingering XenoThreat forces.

SAIC Rowena Dulli from the Advocacy is the official attaché to the CDF and will be running the operation.



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