22nd Century

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22nd Century

This is a summary of lore events occurring in the 22nd Century in the Star Citizen universe.

2101 – 2200

Date Event
2108 Chris Roberts dies, not having completed his goal of terraforming a planet.
2113-04-21 Roberts Space Industries patents terraforming technology,[1] unveiling the world's first Atmo-Processor. A global collective forms with the goal of terraforming Mars.
2120 (before) A Human settlement is established on Luna.
2120 The first steps are taken on the Mars terraforming project, with the pooled knowledge and resources of the world's governments.
2125 The Mars Tragedy kills 4,876 workers during the final terraforming stages of Mars.[2]
2140 RSI introduces the Zeus, the first commercially available starship equipped with a Quantum drive.[3]
2157 Successful terraformation of Mars and establishment of Port Renatus.[4]
2157-03-18 01:28 SET Birth of Abeni Okon at Port Renatus, the first human not born on Earth.[5]


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