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Chris Roberts (lore)

Character in Star Citizen
Chris Roberts
Race Human
Gender Male
Died 2108
Role Founder of Roberts Space Industries
Workplace Earth, Sol

Chris Roberts is the founder of Roberts Space Industries, the oldest modern Human space corporates that stretches back all the way to mankind's first steps into the stars.[1]


Founding of Robert Space Industries

Roberts dreamed to create a culture that would foster creativity and innovation — one that would change with the times and continue to look to the future. His goal was nothing less than a company that would stay consistent and relevant in the marketplace regardless of whether it was next week or a thousand years down the line. Following his dream, he incorporated Roberts Space Industries in 2038 on Earth, and he established the core tenets of the company's philosophy that define RSI up to current days.

" Learn from the past, Reach for the future, Fuel innovation, Cultivate talent, Always be relevant"
Chris Roberts, core tenets of RSI's philosophy

He looked for innovators from a variety of disciplines to join his team in an attempt to alleviate the overpopulation problem on Earth. Some of RSI's initial products ranged from a compact water-purification system to an energy-efficient power network. There was even a small expansion into cricket farming.[1]

Making Space Travel Affordable

Although his company found modest success in these endeavors, Roberts refused to be complacent and continued to seek out greater innovations. In 2061, while studying a recent crop of doctoral dissertations from a prestigious engineering school, he came across the work of Dr. Scott Childress, whose thesis envisioned exciting work in the field of more affordable engine systems for spacecraft.

He quickly met with Childress and put together a team to develop a more affordable engine. Although the process was not without its setbacks, in 2075-05-03 Roberts Space Industries unveiled their prototype Quantum Core Engine.[1][2]

Late Life

Roberts knew that although making space more accessible was a giant leap forward for Humanity, it still didn't solve Earth's overpopulation problem. He pulled together a dedicated team from RSI's various subsidiaries to create terraforming technology. That remains his obession until he died in 2108.[1]


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