Perry Line Pact

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The Perry Line Pact is a bilateral treaty between the United Empire of Earth and the Xi'an Empire which divided the disputed Perry Lines Systems between both powers in 2793. It also guaranteed the special status of a former Xi'an settlement on Oya III which is the only Xi'an and alien exclave within UEE-controlled space.


The pact was a result of work done by Senator Terrence Akari who crossed the Perry Line to meet with a delegation from the Xi'an Empire that was led by Emperor Kr.ē himself. These initial negotiations resulted in what is now known as the Akari-Kray Peace Accord (2789) and resulted in the withdrawal of the Xi'an forces from all of the Perry Line systems and effectively ending the Xi'an Cold War.[1]

The final negotiations to complete the Perry Line Pact came about after the removal of the Messer regime from power and the election of Erin Toi as Imperator of the UEE. The issue at stake to finalize this treaty was a major priority for Imperator Toi. The person responsible for the final results of the treaty was Ambassador Ramon Coen; who had been the head of the Xi'an Studies department at Mentor University in the Rhetor System.

The first meeting that led to the final treaty language was almost a disaster and likely would have been if not for Ambassador Coen. The only discussion point that the Xi'an brought up in the meeting was "what to do with the former Perry Line systems?" After asking that question and without bringing up any suggestions they simply left the meeting. After several months and significant travel through the Perry Line systems Ambassador Coen presented a lengthy 92-page document to the Xi'an at the next meeting.


This document had three basic points that were the outline of the way forward with regards to the Perry Line systems.[2]

  • Both the UEE and Xi'an military would engage in joint operations to locate and dispose of all anti-ship mines that were in the 8 systems.
  • The eight systems would be divided equally between the UEE and Xi'an governments.
  • Their would be a requirement that the borders of the "Transitional systems" would remain open to both the UEE and Xi'an Empire for travel and trade.

After presenting the document both Coen and the Xi'an delegation spent several months going over each word and phrase in the document. One sticking point that always remained was the Oya system. Both the leaders of the UEE and Xi'an were insistent that they should have control. The resulting "Coen Compromise" allowed both governments to agree and sign the subsequent treaty document. This compromise allowed the Xi'an to remain in control of Oya III; where they had established a colony prior to the establishment of the Perry Line; but the UEE would have control of the Oya System.


The treaty ended the Cold War between the UEE and the Xi'an Empire. On July 5, 2793 the pact was ratified and signed by both sides.

The final results of the Perry Line Pact allowed the UEE to maintain control of Tohil, Oya, Gurzil and Horus; with the Xi'an Empire controlling Virtus, Pallas, Hadur and Indra.[3]


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