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MPUV-1P MPUV Personnel
ManufacturerArgo Astronautics (ARGO)
Production stateFlight Ready
Maximum crew1
Cargo capacity0 SCU
REC cost4,000 REC
Pledge cost40 USD
Null-cargo mass12,307 kg
SCM speed120 m/s
Maximum speed899 m/s
Length9.25 m
Beam8.50 m
Height4.3 m

The Argo MPUV-1P (commonly ‘Argo Personnel’) is geared towards a simple but incredibly important responsibility: moving groups of people from place to place. The UEE Navy uses MPUV-1Ps extensively, and any new recruit can likely recall those terrifying moments in which such a ship carried them to their first space assignment. In civilian hands, Argo Personnel ships are adapted for everything from standard taxi services to use as makeshift combat dropships. The ARGO is capable of carrying up to eight humans and their equipment.[1][2]


Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
TBD S Radar Small (Small) 1 x 1
TBD S Computer Small (Small) 1 x 1
Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
Power Plants
TBD S Power Plant Small (Small) 1 x 1
TBD S Cooler Small (Small) 1 x 2
TBD S Shield Generator Small (Small) 1 x 1

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Fuel Tanks
S Fuel Tank Small (Small) 1 x 2
Component Manufacturer Model Type # per mount x Total
Main Thrusters
Main Thruster Main 1 x 2
Retro Thrusters Retro 1 x 2
VTOL Thruster VTOL 1 x 2
Maneuvering Thrusters
Fixed Maneuvering Thruster Fixed 1 x 18

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total



  • MPUV Cargo: The MPUV Cargo is the cargo transport variant of the MPUV series.
  • MPUV Military: The MPUV Military is the military variant of the MPUV series.


The Argo MPUV is built out of composite alloys capable of withstanding intense temperature and structural pressures both in atmosphere and out. The modular undercarriage can be outfitted with a variety of different pods such as cargo pods and escape pods. The combined VTOL thrusters and its Point-Precision Engines allows precise maneuver and heavy-lifting thrust.[3]


In a galaxy full of badass starfighters, impossibly complex explorers, massive cargo ships and rough-and-ready miners, is there room for some simplicity? The team at ARGO Astronautics says: YES. The ARGO may not be any kind of warship and it’s unlikely an ARGO will ever be the first to set down on an alien world… but they are an essential part of human commerce, which makes them a valuable tool for anyone interested in building a mercantile empire.

The MPUV platform, generally called the ARGO after the company that designs and produces the ship, consists of a universal cab attached to a variety of different role-specific modules. The United Empire of Earth’s military forces use ARGO variants extensively for everything from search and rescue to personnel transport to munitions loading. The ARGO is, by all accounts, easy to pick up and fly (many new pilots train on them) and especially effective in its particular roles. Today, two variants are available for service in the Stanton System.[1]


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