Assan Kieren

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Assan Kieren
Race Human
Died 2638 (?)
Role Governor
Faction UEE
Political Office
Office Governor of Terra
Constituency Terra

Assan Kieren (disappeared 2638) was the Governor of Terra and member of a separatistic movement.


Nothing is known about his early career. He was the Governor of Terra in 2638.[1] He used his position to critize the Messer regime for his xenophobia and decried "the pro-military agenda of the UEE and its unconditional support of the military-industrial complex." He faced a political smear campaign[2] with accusations "from infidelity to drug addiction to corruption" soon afterwards.[1]

After losing the referendum for separation, on 2638-04-05, he accused the UEE of voter fraud, but was forced to retreat from his mandate. The Terra Gazette declared on 2638-11-04 that "[u]nnamed sources from within the government claim that Xi’An-funded terrorists had infiltrated various positions in government and Corp structures", pointing out that Kieren "might be implicated."[1]

Kieren disappeared in november 2938 (or earlier).[1] There are unproven rumors that he was murdered. [2]