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IndustryShip refueling and repair services
FateOwned by Jysho Corporation
FoundedEnd of the 29th century

CTR is a franchise of stations offering refueling and repair services owned by the Xi’An company Jysho Corporation.[1] It is the one of the first fully Xi’An-owned businesses to open and operate in UEE space. It has a large presence in the Xi’An Empire and UEE systems close to the Perry Line.[2][3] Since Xi’An culture prides itself on efficiency, and repair operations conducted by CTR are very efficent compared to its Human counterparts.[4]


CTR was formed around the end of 29th century, it enjoyed a steady rise to prominence within the Xi’An Empire by providing fuel and repair services at affordable prices, eventually becoming one of the most trusted providers to the Xi’An civilian population.[2]

In February of 2944, the UEE Senate granted Jysho Corporation a business certificate to open franchises in the UEE.[1] In 2944-02-09, the representatives of the Jysho Corporation came to the city of Aydo on Green to open first CTR in the UEE, which is also the first time a wholly-Xi’An corporation has opened a business on a Human planet. Over the years CTR has slowly been gaining market share in the Human space.[2]


  • In a study, researchers found a 23% improvement over Human companies in terms of repair speed, with very little differential in terms of quality.[4]
  • A lot of humans are familar with CTR’s bizarre, energetic commercial jingle: “SEE TEE ARE! SEE TEE ARE! NAHH NAHH NOOOORB!” Utterly meaningless in any language (Xi’An included), the song and its accompanying commercial have cemented CTR’s presence in the mind of a younger generation that already has fewer issues equipping their ship via an alien company.[4]