Sinkhole Backpack

Backpack manufactured by Doomsday
Sinkhole Backpack.png
Sinkhole Backpack
ManufacturerDoomsday (DOOM)
ClassificationMedium backpack
Base price2,090 aUEC
Inventory63,000 µSCU

The Sinkhole Backpack is a medium backpack made by Doomsday.[1] It is actually a modified version of CSP-68M Backpack manufactured by Clark Defense Systems.

In-game description

Stop lugging all your loot by hand. The Sinkhole backpack gives you plenty of space to store everything you need, while leaving your hands free for whatever mischief you have in mind.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Clash Second Life Undersuit Death's Head Helmet Clash Core Sinkhole Backpack Clash Arms Clash Legs
The Butcher Helmet
Stitcher Why Not? Helmet Stitcher Core Stitcher Arms Stitcher Legs
Parasite Replica Helmet
Parasite V: Dark Birth Replica Helmet
The Hill Horror Helmet


Image Name Colour Description Notes aUEC $
Sinkhole Backpack.png
(Default) Orange/tan and grey colouring Available in-game only 2,090 [not available]


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