Shirt manufactured by Escar Limited
ManufacturerEscar Limited (ELD)
Base price540 aUEC
Production stateImplemented
Environment protection
Temperature2 / 33 °C

The T-shirt is a clothing item manufactured by Escar Limited and available in a plethora of varieties.


Name Image Item Description
Aegis Dynamics
From the Avenger to the Idris, Aegis Dynamics' impact on modern spacecraft is undeniable. Extol their achievements with this 100% cotton grey shirt featuring the company's iconic logo.[1]
Argo Astronautics
This orange shirt features the logo of Argo Astronautics. Before changing their name, the company was known as AR-GO Technologies with the 'AR' referencing founder Alana Redmond.[1]
Builders of Tomorrow (in Black or White)
Crusader strives to be the builders of tomorrow through aerospace innovations and an unwavering commitment to philanthropy. Signal your support for Crusader's future-focused initiative with this shirt featuring the company logo and a cloudy Orison vista.[2]
Crusader Industries
Crusader Industries created this striking blue shirt sporting their "sword & C" logo to further their corporate mandate to support charitable organizations. The company has promised that all proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to the Terra-based nonprofit Empire's Overlooked.[3]
Name Image Item Description
Origin Jumpworks
Origin Jumpworks ships have been described as a symphony in motion. That elegant aesthetic extends to the circular logo gracing the front of this light grey t-shirt.[1]
Orison Shipyards (in Black or White)
The massive Orison shipyards are a sight unlike any other in the UEE. This shirt features a floating ring platform flanked by blossoms from the Hosanna tree, which was specifically cultivated to grow in the gardens of Orison.[3]
Skyhigh City (in Black or White)
There's no need for ground when each of Orison's platforms is outfitted with special thrusters to maintain a constant elevation. This shirt features a stylized shot of Orison's famous floating platforms sitting comfortably among the clouds.[3]
Name Image Item Description
Worthy Journey
Whether you're piloting or simply enjoying the ride, a Crusader ship makes it a journey worth taking. This shirt celebrates that spirit by featuring a fleet of Crusader ships plus their iconic logo and tagline.[2]


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