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F7A Hornet Mk II

Small ship manufactured by Anvil Aerospace
F7A Hornet Mk II Flyby.png
F7A Hornet Mk II
ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)
RoleMilitary Close Support
SeriesF7 Hornet
Cargo capacity0 SCU
Production state
AvailabilityNot available for sale
Length22.5 m
Beam21.75 m
Height6 m
Mass22,933 kg
Introduction2946 CE; 4 years ago (2946)
Developed fromF7A Hornet
Developed intoF8A Lightning
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The Anvil F7A Hornet Mk II is the cutting-edge carrier-based fighter revamped from the older F7A Hornet model, the UEE military version of the Hornet.[1]


Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total
Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x total

Component Manufacturer Model Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Component Manufacturer Model Type # per mount x Total

Component Manufacturer Model Details Size (Max) # per mount x Total
Gallenson Tactical Systems Mantis GT-220 Modular 3 (3) 1 x 2
Anvil Aerospace F7A Proprietary Turret CF-227 Badger Repeater 3 (3) 1 x 2
Broad & Rabiee N4-160f Turret CF-117 Bulldog Repeater 2 (2) 1 x 2
Behring MSD-341 Marsden Marksman I 1 (3) 4 x 2



  • F7A Hornet: The F7A Hornet is the Military version of the Hornet. It is currently not available for purchase.[2]
  • F7C Hornet: The F7C Hornet is the base model and the civilian version of the Hornet.[4]
  • F7C-R Hornet Tracker: The F7C-R Hornet Tracker is the scout version of the Hornet. It features a radar instead of a turret.[5]
  • F7C-M Super Hornet: The F7C-M Super Hornet has the closest possible loadout to F7A Hornet. It features an extra passenger seat and an advanced weapon loadout.[7]

Special editions


The original F7A Hornet was created by CGBot and it was used in the first pitch video of Star Citizen in the Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Because F7A will be featured in Squadron 42 as a hero ship, in 2016, CIG decided to update the F7A Hornet to current standard since its mesh is still the old CGBot model.

The F7A Hornet Mk II is designed by Chris Smith (Lead Vehicle Artist) in CIG Austin. The idea was to keep the original Hornet F7 MK1 series in the game and then add the F7A MK2 model, modelled completely new from the ground up with the latest techniques and pipeline procedures in 2016, as Chris Roberts thought it would be cool to have the classic Hornet and the new version run side by side, and players would have the opportunity to keep the old MK1 as a classic collectors item.[9]

Invictus Launch Week

The ship landed at a pad during 2950 Invictus Launch Week

During the 2950 Invictus Launch Week, the ship was seen accompanying the UEE Navy fleet around the Stanton system. Several Hornets, together with F8A Lightnings accompanied a Javelin, and two Idris-M's. [10]


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