Comm-Link:UEE Marine Concept Art

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UEE Marine Concept Art
SeriesConcept Art
SourceUEE Marine Concept Art
In the series
Title Published
Comm-Link:Enemy Fighter Concept 2012-10-14
Vanduul Fighter Concept Art 2012-11-18
Spider Concept Art 2013-03-01
UEE Marine Concept Art 2013-03-11
Terra Concept Art 2013-03-15
Moscow Concept Art 2013-03-22
New York Concept Art 2013-04-01

Greetings Citizens, Today we’re pleased to show you the very first concept images of a UEE Marine from artist Rob McKinnon! Chris Roberts showed these images—and some others, which will be revealed in the coming days—over the weekend at his SXSW panel. Check back later in the week to find out more about Chris’ panels!

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