Crusader Discovery Center

Landmark in Orison in the Stanton system
Crusader Discovery Center Entrance.png
Crusader Discovery Center
LocationStanton system    In Orison

The Crusader Discovery Center is a tourist destination for factory tours of Crusader Industries' shipyard as well as a gift shop, located on Providence industrial platform in Orison.[1]

"Labors of Hercules
It matters not the difficulty of the task, nor the weight of the odds. For the true hero armed with strength, courage, and ingenuity will be ready to meet the challenge."
Starlifter sculpture plaque at facility entrance


Video wall A large video wall educates visitors on Orison's history and Crusader's ship manufacturing techniques.
Hercules Starlifter Main Thruster Holo A holographic display breaking down the arrangement and purpose of various components in a Starlifter's main thruster.

"For years, the Hercules has been the gold standard in large-scale strategic combat transport thanks to its potent combination of capacity, maneuverability, and durability. The precision engineering found in this main thruster exemplifies the craftsmanship used by Crusader in manufacturing the Starlifter."

Engine components highlighted: primary thruster port, interior plasma compressor, ionized exchange manifold, thrust chamber assembly, plasma ignition turbopump, and wear resistant casing.

Gift shop Visitors can purchase snacks and beverages, model ships (not currently available for purchase by players), and souvenir clothes such as Worthy Journey, Orison T-Shirt, Builders of Tomorrow, Crusader Industries T-shirt, and Crusader Industries Hat.
Shipyard tours (not implemented) Watch as Crusader Industries' workers put the final touches on brand new C2 Hercules Starlifters.



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