Providence industrial platform

City District in Orison in the Stanton system
Providence Industrial Platform
LocationStanton system    In Orison
ClassificationCity District

Providence Industrial Platform is a floating industrial city district in Orison where Crusader Industries manufactures its ships. Various shops, amenities, and the Crusader Discovery Center tourist attraction can be found here. Armed civilian Crusader Security officers patrol the platform around the clock to protect the factory and guarantee safety for workers and visitors.


Name Description
Cousin Crow's High-end ship component shop.
Covalex Shipping Shipping services, personal gear, and equipment shop.
Crusader Discovery Center Tourist attraction. Visitors can learn all about the ship manufacturing process at Providence Industrial Platform and take a tour of the assembly line.
Orison Municipal Services Admin center.
Providence Surplus Personal gear and equipment shop.
Skyway Shuttle Providence station Main transit station linking Providence with greater Orison.



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