Cloudview Center

City District in Orison in the Stanton system
Cloudview Center
LocationStanton system    In Orison
ClassificationCity District

Cloudview Center is a combination commercial/residential platform in Orison, home to renowned dining facilities, shops, a hospital, and luxurious habs.


Name Description Mission Givers
Crusader Industries Showroom Main showroom for Crusader Industries' ships. Also provides access to an expansive park.
Crusader Security office HQ for Crusader Security Devin Bautista, Lisa Gibbs
Greencircle Plaza A social gathering area situated between the two shuttle stations.
Greencircle Habitation Luxury habs. Resident amenities include a gym & spa, rooftop observation deck, and Ellroy's coffee shop.
Discovery Spots Scattered throughout the district, Info Points provide visitors with trivia on life in Orison.
Orison General Hospital
Skyway Shuttle Cloudview Station Transportation hub operated by Orison Skyway Shuttle Services, connecting the district to greater Orison. Orison Discovery Tour shuttles can also be boarded here.
Trade and Development Division Local TDD office, between Orison General and the Stratus shopping center
Until Again Sculpture of a stormwal by artist Bipasha Zhu.
Stratus at Cloudview Center Shopping mall home to:
Viewing Platforms Cantilevered glass-bottom walkways providing stunning vistas of Orison and Crusader's cloudscape above and below.
Voyager Bar Located in Stratus at Cloudview Center, Voyager Bar is known for its impressive views of Orison.



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