Daniela Argen

Character in Star Citizen
Daniela Agren
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2762 CE; 192 years ago (2762)
Died 2838 CE; 116 years ago (2838)
Role Senator (ULockeIdris)
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Political Office
Office Senator
Years Held 2801 - 2827
Party Universalist
Constituency Locke
System Idris system

Senator Daniela Argen (ULockeIdris system) was elected in 2801 and promised to revitalize the economy. She would lead a series of tax-breaks for first-time bushiness owners and programs to help decrease Locke's unemployment rate. In 2815 she would propose a highly-detailed plan to turn Kellog VI into a maximum security prison and an antimatter production facility staffed by the prisoners. She argued that the heavy guard required for the prison could serve as an early warning system against Vanduul incursions, and that it would provide both revenue and stable antimatter source for the UEE.[1] Her proposal would be accepted and became QuarterDeck. In 2827, she would be arrested by the Advocacy for accepting bribes, and was forced to resign. After a trail she was found guilty and was fined for her actions. She went on to become a private business consultant. She was found dead at a hotel room on Asura in 2838, Argen had suffered multiple stab wounds and the killer was never caught.[2]


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