Capture Arlington Gang Leader Maltrox Arlington

Bounty Hunter mission from Miles Eckhart
Capture Arlington Gang Member Maltrox Arlington
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 45000
Start Location Meeting / Hurston AO
Mission Giver Miles Eckhart
Requirements Capture Arlington Gang Member Kass Dent
Faction Eckhart Security

The mission Capture Arlington Gang Leader Maltrox Arlington is the sixth of Miles Eckhart's missions that task the player with taking down a member of the Arlington Gang. The target flies an Aegis Hammerhead.

Additional Threats


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CONTRACT TYPE: Group Warrant CONTRACTOR STATUS: Independent Approval code: (Approval Code)


__Background Information__ A group warrant has been issued for the notorious Arlington ship jacking gang after their recent brazen attempted theft of an Idris from a repair yard. While the heist was stopped, the members of the group have scattered to the black. Eckhart Security has been granted the bounty for the immediate capture of all high-level gang members: Maltrox Arlington, Kass Dent, Nicks Cantwell, Sam ‘Weepy’ Arlington, Oslo Arlington, and Les Arlington.

Maltrox Arlington has been keeping a low profile recently, but we think he's come out of hiding. A patrol was refueling at a station when one of their ships was boosted. Maltrox is the most likely suspect. While the regtag was temporarily deactivated, we have been able to trace the ship’s quantum signature and have provided you those coordinates.

A third generation criminal, the Arlington gang has been under Maltrox’s leadership for the past six years. Be aware, this is a smart, aggressive, and very dangerous target. The more resources you can bring to bear, the more likely it is that we can bring Maltrox in one and for all.

You are authorized to use whatever force is necessary to neutralize the target.

Payment will be issued upon successful completion of contract.

This contract is non-negotiable.

This message may contain confidential, proprietary, privileged and/or private information. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity designated above."


  • Arlington Gang Incarcerated
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"All the ranking members of the Arlington gang are now behind bars and their criminal gang is out of commission.

This was a pretty impressive collar. Good work.


Miles Eckhart Founder & CEO

Eckhart Security, LLC."

  • Arlington Gang Escaped (after time has passed)
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"Guess we celebrated too soon. Word came in a little while that there was a prison break. The Arlington gang somehow smuggled in components for an explosive and broke out.

Quality work by whatever genius decided to put them all into the same holding facility.

Not sure if they are the revenge type, but figured you deserved a head's up in case they come gunning for you.


Miles Eckhart Founder & CEO

Eckhart Security, LLC."

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