Idris Stolen By Arlington Gang

Bounty Hunter mission from Miles Eckhart
Idris Stolen By Arlington Gang
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay Up to 225,000
Start Location Meeting / Hurston AO
Mission Giver Miles Eckhart
Requirements CrimeStat 0 to 5, Capture Arlington Gang Member Les Arlington, Capture Arlington Gang Member Nicks Cantwell, Capture Arlington Gang Member Sam 'Weepy' Arlington, Capture Arlington Gang Member Oslo Arlington, Capture Arlington Gang Member Kass Dent, Capture Arlington Gang Leader Maltrox Arlington
Faction Eckhart Security

The mission Idris Stolen By Arlington Gang is the seventh and last of Miles Eckhart's missions that task the player with taking down a member of the Arlington Gang. The target flies an Aegis Idris.


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CONTRACT TYPE: Group Warrant CONTRACTOR STATUS: Independent Approval code: (Approval Code)


It appears that second time's the charm for the Arlington gang. After one failed attempt, the recently escaped criminal family has managed to boost an Idris from a repair yard. Now we know what the mining laser and biometrics they stole were for.

Since we had such success capturing them the first time, Eckhart Security has been granted the warrant for the gang’s arrest. This is going to take considerable firepower to bring down a capital ship of this ability.

You are authorized to use whatever force is necessary to track down the Idris and neutralize the gang.

Payment will be issued upon successful completion of contract and will be adjusted based on the final evaluation of you and your team's combat effectiveness rating.

This contract is non-negotiable.

This message may contain confidential, proprietary, privileged and/or private information. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity designated above."



Outcome Affinity Change Confidence Change
Mission Success +1000 +1000
Outcome #2 -500 -1000
Outcome #3 -1000 -1000


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