Emod Stabilizer1

Item manufactured by ArmaMod
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Emod Stabilizer1
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Emod Stabilizer1
ArmaMod (ARMA)

The Emod Stabilizer1 is a size 1 energy stabilizer manufactured by ArmaMod. It is a part of the Emod series energy stabilizers.[1]

ArmaMod’s Emod energy stabilizer is essentially the equivalent of the ballistic compensator for energy-specific weapons like lasers and plasma guns. The Emod works to reduce the recoil generated by energy guns in exchange for an increase in heat, which could reduce the amount of time you can continue firing before a reload. While Star Citizen’s other barrel attachments are based on real technologies, the energy stabilizer is exclusive to the powerful energy guns of the ‘verse. Like other barrel attachments, the Emod is available in three sizes to cover a large range of familiar gun types.[2]


Reduce energy weapon recoil with the Emod Stabilizer1. ArmaMod designed the attachment to improve both horizontal and vertical recoil to ensure a more precise shot.



The Emod Stabilizer1 was introduced in Alpha 3.7.0 along the introduction of barrel attachments.[3]



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